This oldcyberdude started out as a young lad taking apart old television and radio sets when active components glowed and before components could only be seen under a microscope. As a teenager, I became a ham thanks to the Bloomfield Amateur Radio Club, Bloomfield Ct. and thus started a life long interest in communications and antennas.

My ham activity has ebbed and flowed with demands of school, family and profession. I have had major stations with tri-band beams and a 70 ft tower. Since moving to Aiken,SC I’m no longer constrained by overly restrictive homeowner association (HOA) covenants and limited to attic antennas in a townhouse. I now enjoy an outdoor wire antenna in the trees for 160/80/40 meters. And, thanks to friendly neighbors (HOA covenants aren’t enforced), I have a hex beam for 20-10 meters. With 18 months of operation I believe the hex beam is by far the best performing antenna for the dollars invested! My ham pages still provide my lessons learned from my townhouse days.


Active member of North Augusta Belvedere Radio Club and…





Information on ARRL’s legislative effort to secure the right for all Amateur Radio operators the ability to serve their communities by having an effective, outdoor antenna.

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