New Schofield Hams

New Schofield Hams

Once again this year Schofield Ham Radio and Technology Club has a  group of new hams. Pictured from left to right are KN4IVA, Andrew; KN4IWB, Lance; KN4IWC, Piper; and KN4IVD, Anna. These new hams also made the local Aiken Standard newspaper

FT8 Operating Tips

Since starting with FT8 in mid-July I have worked 177  countries (127 confirmed) and watched the mode explode in activity. It seems hams worldwide have discovered the fun of beating the sunspot gods! Along with this explosion of activity has come a need for more knowledge and skill in operating the WSJT-X software. ZL2IFB has […]

No Dead HF Bands Here – Update

Since mid-July  through Oct 31 I have worked 156 countries on FT8 mode on all HF bands. Some of the outstanding DX has included India (multiple times), Sri Lanka, Seychelles, South Shetland Islands, Antarctica, Palestine, New Caledonia, West Malaysia, Samoa and Fiji — all on supposedly “dead” HF bands. It seems signal processing gain is […]

No Dead HF Bands Here!!!

Just worked RI1ANO (South Shetland Islands) and A54XR (Oman) on 17M for countries #100 and #101 worked using the new FT8 mode by Joe Taylor, K1JT.   My first FT8 contact was July 14, so this was DXCC in approximately 45 days!!!!

New Digital Mode – FT8

Made my first contact Joe Taylor’s new digital mode, FT8. QSO with SM5EPO (Sweden) on 20M. Looks like this mode will be a hit. Much faster that either JT65 or JT9. Good amount of activity even with poor propagation. I was using Joe’s newest software version; WSJT-X ver 1.8.0-rc1  Works well with my Flex 6500.

QSL card from 3A/DF8DX

QSL card from 3A/DF8DX

Nice to receive a card from Bodo, 3A/DF8DX for his trip to Monaco. I was one of only 88 NA stations he worked on his trip in February. This is my last European DXCC country.