April 2016

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Another gift from the propagation gods tonight, worked JD1BMH ( Ogasawara) (in his log) on 17M CW for ATNO #294!  Thank you, Harry


A couple of new bands at the very end of the EP2A Dxpedition. They should be QRT tomorrow (25 Apr) Worked them (in log) on 30M CW last night with a moderate pileup. Got a quick QSO this afternoon on 17M CW. I was their 2nd QSO just as they came on the air!


Just when you conclude propagation for a DXpedition is a lost cause, HF offers a surprise. Yesterday afternoon there was an uncommon gift; EP2A with huge signal on 20M in southeast US. I was able to work (in log) them on SSB with just a few calls.  Thanks for a new mode.


Worked (in log) EP2A (Iran) on 20M CW yesterday afternoon. This is my second band (40M CW) for EP2A. Looking at QSO statistics on Clublog, it appears SSB contacts are pretty rare for North America. As of April 20 (26, 902 total QSOs) the are only 711 SSB QSOs vs. 2648 CW. Probably 40 and […]


Worked FT4JA (Juan de Nova) on 15M SSB yesterday afternoon for a new mode/ band. Confirmed this morning I’m in their log.  Now have them on both 17M CW and 15M SSB.


Received LOTW confirmation for 5J0P (San Andres & Providencia) on 160, 80 & 40M CW. This completes a clean sweep for San Andres with confirmations on all bands 160 thru 10M.


Worked & confirmed VK0EK on 40M CW for a second band (previously on 30M).  Intentional interference is disgraceful and worst that I’ve ever seen. However, because of excellent operators on Heard Isl we got through.