January 2018

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New Schofield Hams

New Schofield Hams

Once again this year Schofield Ham Radio and Technology Club has a  group of new hams. Pictured from left to right are KN4IVA, Andrew; KN4IWB, Lance; KN4IWC, Piper; and KN4IVD, Anna. These new hams also made the local Aiken Standard newspaper https://www.aikenstandard.com/education/schofield-radio-club-hits-new-high/article_c650ebfc-fc92-11e7-a72c-f3d4ad598c78.html

FT8 Operating Tips

Since starting with FT8 in mid-July I have worked 177  countries (127 confirmed) and watched the mode explode in activity. It seems hams worldwide have discovered the fun of beating the sunspot gods! Along with this explosion of activity has come a need for more knowledge and skill in operating the WSJT-X software. ZL2IFB has […]