November 2019

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200 Countries Confirmed on FT8

Last night I received LOTW confirmation from 5N7Q (Nigeria) for our 30M FT8 contact. This is my 200th country confirmed on FT8. My first FT8 contact was July 2017!! My current country total is 242 worked!

VP6R - Pitcairn Island

VP6R – Pitcairn Island

While VP6R was not a new one, it was enjoyable filling in bands and modes. This was a first VP6 on FT8. Currently I have VP6 confirmed on all bands 80 – 10M and at least one contact on CW, SSB and digital.

PIRATE!!!! - Another New One

PIRATE!!!! – Another New One

Last night I was able to work VK9CZ (Cocos Keeling Island) on 40M FT8 for ATNO #311. This was grayline over the pole path. This was sunset for me and sunrise for Cocos Keeling. Just 1 hour opening! UNFORTUNATELY VK9CZ ANNOUNCED ON THEIR WEB SITE THAT THIS WAS A PIRATE!!!