Successful Identification of Deliberate QRM (DQRM) Source

The article below is copied in its entirety from M0OXO website.

First of all thanks to Roger G3SXW, the team involved and also DX World for allowing me to re-produce this article.

DQRM_QTH-It first appeared in the May issue of CDXC Digest, and is reproduced here with the author’s knowledge. It’s a great insightful into the nasty world of DQRM – and how one particular individual was literally caught in the act.

What a fantastic result and let’s hope everyone who reads this can pass it to at least one other person to help spread the word that DQRM in any form not only will not be tolerated, we can NOW see the offenders WILL be caught!

Please download this article (in PDF) from this link on DX World – Thanks !

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