Coax Routing for Antennas in an Antenna Restricted Community

'What was that about restrictive covenants'

In the corner of the townhouse is a gutter downspout that travels down the full
length of the building to the ground passing immediately adjacent to the second
floor deck. The deck is located just above the basement window.

The soffits on the townhouse are perforated plastic. It was a simple matter to
enlarge a hole and pass the coax through the soffit and behind the downspout.
( See photo below) Care should be taken enlarging the soffit hole to prevent
any flying critters from being able enter the attic space. Once behind the
downspout the coax was secured with cable ties and routed down to the deck.
The coax then exits and is routed under the deck to the basement window.
This approach to the coax routing has provided a simple nearly invisible method
of connecting to my antenna suite. I have used this path for 3 (2-HF and 1-VHF)
RG-8 coaxes and 2 small multi-wire control cables. This way I can accommodate
any future requirements with either a coax feed or remote switching from
the shack.

Routing of coax under eve

It should be noted that even if the coax were questioned by the local
authorities, this very same routing would be used by cable or satellite TV
installers and can offer a ready explanation for the coax to the nosey homeowner