DIXPRS – Headless Raspberry Pi APRS iGATE/Digipeater

Instructions on installing DIXPRS on a Raspberry Pi.

What is DIXPRS?

DIXPRS is an APRS Internet Gateway and Digipeater software for HAM radio use. It is designed to be portable and platform independent as much as possible. To reach this goal it is written in Python with minimal dependency considering older versions of operating systems and Python. DIXPRS was developed by HA5DI, Béla Márkus. DIXPRS is available at https://github.com/ha5di/DIXPRS/releases

DIXPRS runs on any operating system with Python and capability to handle hadware or software modems and TNC’s, including:




Embedded systems (routers, etc.)

It is a feature rich yet small footprint system, which runs not only on traditional PC’s but any other computer with Python available including embedded systems with as low RAM as 32 MByte. Therefore it is an ideal choice for hilltop installations too. DIXPRS is very stable. One local i-Gate (KQ4KK-5) has been running unattended for over 2 years!

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