No Holes Roof Mount

Antenna Mounting without Roof Penetrations

While looking around for various ways to mount my new weather station I came upon a concept for a no holes roof mount. After looking around at commercial units selling for over $200 I decided to build one from readily available hardware.

The unit I designed can hold 2 masts instead of a single mast typical of the commercial units. Below is a picture of the two mast version.

'What was that about no holes'

    The key features of the design include:

  • Frame from galvanized steel angle available at Home Depot
  • Concrete counter weights each weighing ~18 lbs.
  • Reuse of 2 Dish antenna mounts for mounting antenna masts

For installation on the roof I recommend breaking down the mount into no less than 4 pieces; i.e. each of the concrete blocks and each of the 2 frame pieces. Then you can assemble/ adjust the frame to the roof angle with only the 2 hinge bolts. Once in place on the roof the concrete blocks can be put in place. The final step is to then adjust the Dish antenna mounts for vertical.

I haven’t tested the antenna mount as to how much it would take to over turn it but I’m confident that it would handle a small 144 Mhz or 432 Mhz beam as long as the rotator was mounted on the Dish antenna mounts with a short antenna mast. The mount can certainly handle small verticals.

My roof does not have a ridge vent. However, with the flexibility of adjusting the angle to match roof and tightening the hinge bolts I pressure on a ridge vent can be eliminated.

The sides pieces are approximately 24” long and spaced approximately 12” apart. The only critical dimensions are the angles around the concrete block to provide a frame and the spacing between the elements to mount the Dish antenna mounts. At the top of the mount one side of the angle is cut away about 3” to allow the hinge action. All the assembly bolts face upward. This protects the roof and allows a small space under the mount for rain to wash off.

If you don’t have any spare Dish antenna mounts, I found new units for under $10 by googling the web. New ebay units ranged from $20 – $30+ (ugh!). Of course, whole antenna units can be found at most hamfests for a reasonable price.

Here are pictures of my discone mount on the roof. I decided to paint the entire mount a dark color to make it less conspicuous and more appealing to the xyl.

'What was that about no holes'

Roof mount installed with remote weather station and discone antenna.

'What was that about no holes'

Closeup of the antenna mount on the roof.

A final word of caution. Working on a roof is no matter to be taken lightly. Safety should always be a concern. Carrying 18 lb concrete block counter weights on a pitched roof must be approached with extreme caution. I have installed a permanent safety rope anchor and use a roofer’s harness when I’m on the roof. Remember falling off a roof can ruin your whole day and a lot longer!