Schofield Middle School – Oct 2017 School Club Roundup

The preliminary results are posted.

Once again Schofield Middle School is 1st in Middle School category AND 1st Overall in the nation for all school categories elementary through university.

The popular myth is that HF bands are dead and useless. With just under 24 hrs of afternoon operation, the students had a total of 1011 QSO’s. We worked 48 states, 7 Canadian provinces, 19 DX countries, 20 clubs and 58 schools. Total points are 408,444.

All of this was accomplished with our IC-7300 driving a 500w Elecraft KPA-500. The antenna was our standard $5 Home Depot wire inverted vee. Most operations were on 20M with an occasional move to 40M using the same inverted vee jumpered for 40.