Operating within an Antenna Restricted Community

'What was that about restrictive covenants'

So how did they work? Within 2 weeks of operation I added 10 new countries. On Oct 15 2001 I worked OD5NH at 2342 UTC on 20 meters SSB on the 3rd call WITH ONLY 5 WATTS. 9K2ZZ was added 2 days later on 17 meter SSB also on 5 watts. During the 2001 CQ WW Phone Contest I added more than 10 new countries to my total. Of course, “your mileage may very” but I’m satisfied that I can be heard; limited only by my operating skills and propagation.

As of August 10, 2003 my country total was 107 all modes and 84 on PSK31. All with 5 watts or less using the antennas described on these pages.

During the January 19, 2002 PSKFEST I had the opportunity to exercise both the 40 M “slinky” dipole and 80 M vertical. On 40M from about 0200Z to 0630Z, I made 9 contacts (good for PSK on this band). States included AZ, CT, FL, GA, KS, NC, NH, WA, and WI. Considering the AZ and WA contacts I believe this antenna is working well for only a 30′ height on 40M.

On 80 meters from 0500Z to 0700Z and at 1100Z, 10 contacts were made. Again, good for PSK on this band. States included CT, IL, KY, MD, NJ, OH, PA, VA and WI. Obviously, these are short and mid-range contacts.

On March 1, 2002, I worked the Cocos Island Dxpedition, TI9M, on 20m RTTY.

As a final note on operations; during the PSKFEST contest at 0407 on 20M, I was able to work KH7B (confirmed Feb 1) for my first HI PSK31 contact. Also, heard was KH7O.